CityOfferings proudly presents its first Mobile Application

CityOfferings uncovers the best businesses / services and their offerings everyday. We Explore and Educe about latest events, offers, and vouchers on wide genre of products & services for everyday living ensuring Economical bargains.



We create simple way to get information right on your fingertips. In simple words, we put our continuous efforts to bridge the gap between consumers and businesses needs, providing a common platform for them to come together and leverage for maximum benefits. 



As part of this effort, we produly launches our very first mobile application :)

  • Download CityOfferings mobile app now, from the Google Play Store and Apple App Store.
  • Register your profile and browse our partnered Events.
  • Scan your Event Pass / Ticket QR Code and Claim your free Vouchers!



Download "CityOfferings" mobile app now, and enjoy offers of different brands / service providers, brought to you exclusively by CityOfferings team.  

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